Everyone faces challenges and decisions in professional and private life, and seeks for new sustainable ways to reach his/her own well-being. To achieve  this goal, support and accompagment might be helpful.


Valuecoaching.ch - your competent PLUS to personal strenght ! 


You will be able to align your actions in respect to your own values:

values like

Balance Life Work, Leadership, Social Competence, Creativity, Equality, Conflict Resolution, Knowledge, Humor, Loyalty, Fun

Private values like
Peace, Health, Well-being, Evenness, Happyness, Respect, Tolerance, Self-confidence, Partnership, Self-assurance, Freedom

Why do I reach my goals and aims through the "ST.-GALLER COACHING METHODE"  ?

Blockades, fears and patterns get resolved, existing ressources get mobilised and new skills get formed.






How can I recognize, that this Coaching simplifies my life?

Your personnal value increases or gets fulfilled. This value developpment will have a lasting effect from out in everyday life.


Why to choose Valuecoaching.ch?

  • Valuecoaching.ch works according to the method of the"ST.-Galler Coaching Method", which is scientifically prooved efficient and long lasting.
  • Valuecoaching.ch offers Coaching competences in French, German, Swiss-German and in English.
  • Valuecoaching.ch works on trust and confidentiality base.


Which ethical principles does Valuecoaching.ch follow?

  1. Warranty of professionalism, discretion,integrity, loyalty and highest quality-standards, obligation of further education and regular feedbacks from Professional coachs.
  2. Ensuring the expected goals by mutual agreement.
  3. Distancing of sectarian and esoteric practices in Coaching.
  4. Customer Data are subject of the Data Protection Act and will not be disclosed to third parties.